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About ISD Consultants

ISD Consultants provide expert support for our customers on the design and development of Card Payment and Transaction Processing for Electronic Funds Transfer{EFT}at Point of Sale{PoS}or EFTPoS, Smartcard Solutions focusing on Chip and PIN, EMV Implementations, Loyalty Applications, Pre-paid Cards and Mobile Phone Electronic TopUp. We are experts in the UK payment message standards especially UKCA Standard 70 [APACS{Association of Payment Clearing Services}has been renamed The UK Cards Association]. We can also assist and facilitate you in the development of your business Strategy.

The surge of activity in the European market has slowed as the roll out of EMV cards and Point of Sale equipment becomes 'business as usual'. Other regions are just starting their migrations and they can benefit from the experience gained in Europe and particularly the UK. The EMV infrastructure creates opportunities that are now being explored with non-financial products beginning to emerge, contactless cards and the very interesting Near Field Communications. Far from slowing down we are about to see another surge of activity with new and interesting products and services. As independent EFT consultants; ISD Consultants can bring years of experience, in the payments industry, to help you explore these opportunities for your business without the constraints of an acquirer or scheme agenda." 

Nick Green