Solutions Through Understanding

Nick Green is a key player in the UK payment industry with 30 years experience. After 15 years in the communications industry specialising in data communications and networks. He joined Barclaycard in 1983 [then the UK’s only Visa acquirer] to manage their authorisation terminal estate. He managed Barclaycard’s installation of the first electronic data capture terminals in the UK in 1986 and the Barclaycard PDQ brand has become the accepted name for all point of sale terminals in the UK.

He has been active in the UK EMV programme since 1994 and in the Chip and PIN at Point of Sale migration. This resulted in his secondment to the UK Chip and PIN Programme Management Office in 2002 as assistant to the Technical Director.

Nick has extensive knowledge of and involvement with the UK Association for Payment Clearing Services standards [APACS60 (editor), APACS30/40 & APACS70 (past chairman - and Technical Secretary) and APACS50/29 (past deputy chairman)].

Note: APACS has changed its name to The UK Cards Association.

He has presented the UK EMV Experience at seminars in the UK, Athens, Dublin, Sofia, Istanbul and Bahrain. As a Consultant within Barclaycard Merchant Services he supported internal teams and retailers in preparation for EMV. Nick, in co-operation with Vodafone, is responsible for the development of the electronic mobile phone top-up concept and subsequent service. He was also responsible for designing and developing Barclaycard Business’ Dynamic Currency Conversion terminal application.

Now an independent consultant in the EFT and EMV environment supporting acquirers, card issuers, retailers, EFT software vendors and terminal vendors in the implementation of EMV, Chip and PIN and transaction based solutions. Nick is also working with companies developing pre-paid /gift card products and with companies developing innovative products and services that utilise the new transaction infrastructure both in the UK and continental Europe.

He remains an active member of the UK standards groups and industry working parties representing Vendorcom (a community representing payment industry) of which he is an associate Consultant. For a copy of Nick Green's CV in Adobe PDF format click here.


Nick has been an incredible source of knowledge and help these last 18 months with the development and understanding for a new business proposition in the payment processing environment. His direct but friendly approach and understanding of the market, people, and the commercial world are an invaluable combination of talents. You can throw anything his way and he will, without fail find a solution or way forward that will meet the needs of the task in hand. He is capable of talking at any level of management and has a knack of engaging with the people that he meets. He also has an extensive network of old colleagues and business associates that ease the routes to market. I am delighted that we met.”
March 26, 2010 - Simon Butler (CEO Abacus Solutions International)