Solutions Through Understanding

design (di'zain) vb. 1. to work out the structure or form of (something), as by making a sketch,outline, pattern, or plans. 2. to plan and make (something) artistically or skillfully. 3. (tr.) to form or conceive in the mind; invent.

As the dictionary defines Design as many forms and the secret of good design is that the user doesn't notice. Anything that is well designed be it a physical object, a business process or a presentation it will be appreciated for what it achieves not for its design. A well designed object will be simple and intuitive to use it will fit with its environment of use and with the user. The user will only notice the object when it fails to meet those needs.

The same is true of a business process or system; if it provides all the functions the user needs and is simple and intuitive to use no thought will be given to the design that went into it. It is only when the user cannot get the results they need because the process or system does not return the data they need, in the time they need it, that the design [in this case bad design] becomes apparent.

 It is the the area of Transaction Based System functionality that ISD Consultants have the greatest experience being able to design:

 the user interface
 the device functionality
 the message structures to support new functionality
 and the receiving system functionality

The ability to create these designs come from the ability to very quickly understand the clients needs and how they may be most simply met.

A recent development has been an interest in Web site design. ISD Consultants has always constructed its own web site and recently has undertaken the construction of sites for other independent consultants and small businesses. The designs are not flashy in both senses of the word but they meet the clients needs. Again it's about meeting the clients' needs without overwhelming the users.

If you would like our help with Transaction Process design or with your web site please use the contact form.

Web site Design

ISD Consultants is able to put together web sites for small businesses and organisations. Nothing too 'flash' but enough to get your presence on the internet. The links to completed and web sites under development was begining to clutter up this site so they have all been moved to a new web site just for that purpose:


ISD Consultants also has access to graphics designers if you need assistance in the development of your company image and branding.