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 ISD Consultants is pleased to be an Associate Member of Vendorcom

The objectives of Vendorcom are:

 to provide a coherent, representative voice for card payment systems vendors,
 to act as a single point of contact for information targeted at vendors,
 to ensure that decisions made by other entities take account of vendor issues and concerns,
 to represent vendors in cross industry working groups,
 to demonstrate to retailers that vendors are taking the challenges of card payment processing developments seriously,
 to operate constructively with and affirm the role of existing working bodies within the card payment sector.

The UK Card Association is the new name for APACS [Association for Payment Clearing Services] and can provide useful information about the UK Payment Environment.

Terminal Software Developement

EFT Solutions are an independent terminal software development company. They have produced some excelent software for one of my clients and I would not hesitate to use them in the future.

Web site Design

ISD Consultants is able to put together web sites for small businesses and organisations. Nothing too 'flash' but enough to get your presence on the internet. The links to completed and web sites under development was begining to clutter up this site so they have all been moved to a new web site just for that purpose:

ISD Consultants also has access to graphics designers if you need assistance in the development of your company image and branding.

Web site Mobile Optimization

Web4Fone Solutions are part of a rapidly expanding team who are committed to enhancing your customers’ experience whilst using a Smart Phone or Mobile Device to search for your businesses.

They  build, for you, a customised mobile friendly website that has been optimised for the rapidly growing Mobile Smart Phone and Tablet market.

Their service not only exploits the explosion in internet searches on mobile devices, that Google say is currently running at 40% and increasing daily, but also provides simple “Call to Action” functionality making it easy for your customers to contact you.

Their  solution integrates with, but does not replace, your existing website as Web4Fone sites only display for your customers’ Smart Phones, not their PC web browsers!

US EMV Implementation

411 chip banner

 Useful source of information

What's the 411 on EMV?

Well worth a visit and a Bookmark.